Kosmonavt ( космонавт)

…we found ourselves bond to nothingness, with angst as the fundamental state of existence. At that exact moment, I knew that  we had nothing else but fiction.
All we are has been merged with emptiness and all we can do is not remembering, not retaining a single thing.
We drift aimlessly with the whole universe in our hands.

____0456 ____0457 ____0473 ____0468-Edit ____0461 ____0460 ____0479-Edit ____0478-EditKosmonavt (космонавт)

Is the Visual thesis of a 50 year long investigation on time and space systematic manipulation through the fusion of micro and macrocosm.
Continuous transfer of matter and energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them on this investigation derived on serious psychological issues on the members of the research team. This issues reached critical levels when standard physical laws were broken.
During this period some Information leaks about the crew’s health provoked government funding cut and investigation soon had to be stopped. Facilities as well as files and register notes were destroyed leaving this documentations as the only track of these brilliant men and woman who devoted their life to science